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Computer Shuts Down upon Startup – How Do we Fix This Problem?

Computer Shuts Down upon Startup – How Do we Fix This Problem?

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Home Page > Computers > Software > Computer Shuts Down upon Startup – How Do we Fix This Problem?

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Computer Shuts Down upon Startup – How Do we Fix This Problem?

By: Real Tech
Posted: December 22, 2010

Computer branch off during a startup upon all sides is celebrated often in cases with problems associated to hardware. The resolution for a complaint competence shift upon a tangible condition, similar to how distant a mechanism starts up, a final summary which a user sees upon a screen, as good as so on.

1. Overheating
2. Clean a Registry as good as Fix Errors
3. RAM competence not be Properly Installed
4. Check all Cables & Power Cords
5. Test Other RAMS upon your Machine
6. A Very Old Virus competence be Infected


The overheating emanate competence means your mechanism to spin off in center or during a time of a startup stage. This competence start if a fans commissioned in your CPU have been not operative scrupulously generally due to dirt associated issues.

1. Turn off your computer.
2. Open a CPU Cabinet.
3. Remove a dual fans. The initial air blower is trustworthy to your CPU Case, as good as an additional air blower is commissioned during a tip of your Processor. Be clever whilst traffic with a air blower commissioned upon your processor.
4. Clean both a fans regulating brushes. Remove dirt from a fans.
5. After completion, implement these fans, repair a CPU Cabinet, as good as afterwards spin upon your computer.

Clean a Registry as good as Fix Errors

Problems in a Windows Registry due to which mechanism shuts down upon startup. Incorrect interpretation as good as old-fashioned report in a registry have been a categorical causes of this problem.

1. Turn upon your machine.
2. Press F8 pass to foot Windows in Safe Mode.
3. Download, implement as good as run a registry cleaner.
4. Click Registry Cleaner | Start Scan.

Cleaning as good as regulating a registry manually is not so easy. You have been endorsed to operate a good, conjectural registry cleaning software.

RAM competence not be Properly Installed

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RAM refers to Random Access Memory. If a RAM is not scrupulously commissioned in a container upon a motherboard afterwards your mechanism shuts down upon startup or differently turns off all of sudden.

So, mislay it as good as implement it again properly.

1. Turn off your computer.
2. Open a CPU Cabinet.
3. Remove a RAM from a anti-static bag, as good as reason it by a edges.
4. Determine in which container we instruct to place it again. You can place it in a same container or in a opposite one.
5. Install it properly.

Check all Data Cables & Power Cords

Make certain which all a Data Cables as good as a Power Cords inside your CPU Cabinet have been scrupulously fixed. For example, a Power Cords of a SMPS continuous to your Hard Disk. Or check a Data Cable of your Hard Disk is continuous to your motherboard.

Test Other RAMs upon your Machine

As a poor RAM causes BSOD as good as competence additionally means a mechanism to close down upon startup, it competence infrequently have complaint for branch your mechanism upon as well. In such a case, we competence be means to entrance a BIOS Settings though a complement turns off whilst your handling complement is commissioned or in sudden.

You shall implement as good as check an additional operative RAM at a moment upon your machine. For a report of a stairs for stealing as good as installing RAM, greatfully impute to a upon top of RAM competence not be scrupulously commissioned section.

A Very Old Virus competence be Infected

Due to aged viruses mechanism shuts down upon startup randomly. The record has improved. In complicated times, they restart a complement instead of only branch off. The ultimate antivirus program detects such aged viruses simply as good as guards your system.

However, still if unfortunately this is a case, afterwards we shall redeem a total complement regulating a rescue media disk.

1. Download as good as bake a ISO essence of a rescue hoop upon a vacant DVD ROM regulating a normal computer.
2. Insert a DVD ROM in your machine, as good as restart your computer.
3. Press F2 or Delete pass compartment BIOS Configuration Screen appears.
4. Set a following:
a. First Boot Device: DVD ROM
b. Second Boot Device: Hard Disk
5. Save a settings, as good as restart a machine.
6. Press any pass when prompted.
7. Disinfect your complement by following a instructions which crop up upon a screen. we would indicate loading a rescue hoop in Graphical Mode instead of DOS formed No GUI Mode.

Highly Recommended

Though a total complaint was associated to hardware components of your mechanism system, it is additionally critical for we to keep your mechanism operative excellent as good as speed it up regularly.