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Seed Money

Posted by admin on May 8th, 2011 at 1:01 pm

Heads UP! This is my many critical video. 1.) The “Progressive (socialist) Caucus” in a Congress was 100% at a behind of Obama’s “Stimulus.” Is it only a PAY OFF as well as a approach for America’s enemies to tumble short us by large DEBT? Fact: The Congressional Progressive Caucus is permitted by a DSA. Don’t know what which is? Find out prior to it is as well late! Then puncture in to this classification as well as figure out how to expostulate them behind in a fires of pandemonium from which they crawled. Our destiny depends upon it. This “stimulus” could be a SEEDS OF OUR DESTRUCTION. 2.) Beware of a Paultards! If a “pendulum swings” in greeting to a Dem-created mercantile crisis, a Paulies will try to on all sides themselves to take value of a “conservative backlash.” Don’t tumble for it. Ron Paul has been presaging an mercantile predicament given late 2007 – early 2008. How did he know? Because he is “one of them.” The Ronbots have been anarchist-libertarians PACKAGED (draped in American flags) as conservatives. we swear to you, they have been NOT. Don’t tumble for it! Check them out with a magnifying glass. You’ll see. Note to my subscribers: we MAY “disappear” for a month or so — as well as this “disappearance” (from YouTube) might come in a subsequent couple of days if it happens. The reason is job-related. BUT we will be behind as shortly as we can. It is not for certain which we will be gone. we am revelation we since my disappearance could be SUDDEN. Thank, folks. Time will tell. We’ll have to see what happens.
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  2. Why should they be means to take your home for a integrate thousand dollars owed? No trial, nothng! Even worse in these difficult mercantile times though they have been laying some-more taxes upon us by a day.
    Most liberterians wish singular supervision similar to a constitution says, not anarchy. Were fighting amongst ourselves, that’s just what they want, it takes a spotlight off them.
    Good fitness to all as well as arise up people!
    Thanks for posting these videos.

  3. opchidexio2 |

    Re: “the executive banks” Sorry. we see right away which we was upon a wrong track. In light of Bernanke’s doing of a Melt Down, we TOO have started to be concerned which Congress has authorised a Fed to get out of control. But we lay a censure upon Congress as well as President Bush (Hank Paulson was his Treasury Sec.). We need a executive bank. We DON’T NEED a executive bank which ANSWERS TO NO ONE.

    As for a IRS seizing we residence for delinquent taxes, how is which any opposite than being ticketed for crude tag?

  4. Again, we pronounced a executive banks not a internal guys. we am not an Osama, er Obama follower, we voted Ron Paul. I’m not encountering a contribution of because a banks failed, I’m encountering a executive bank land a American people hostage. Ever listen to of debt slavery? we own my residence giveaway as well as transparent though if we do not compensate my taxes they can take it. That’s not right!.
    The Congress shall have energy to silver money, umpire a worth thereof, as well as of unfamiliar coin, as well as repair a customary of weights as well as measures;

  5. opchidexio2 |

    Imagine which we have been the landowner (like we have simulated to be, in jest.) Why would we loan income to someone who could not compensate it back?

    Why? I’ll discuss it we why. It became LAW. Banks faced difficult penalties for merely looming to be racist. And your friends during ACORN would essentially reason “protests” during banks in sequence to serve dominate demure bankers. (This was Obama’s job. Where have we been?)

  6. So that’s because they lent all the income to people who couldn’t means to compensate it back? Record bankruptcies! we was not articulate about your internal dilemma banker, I’m articulate about the unconstitutional FED bankers, the executive banks.
    Don’t be concerned about my credit score, giveaway as well as transparent home as well as 5 cars with the vast 401K. we do not need the loan! :p
    “Let me emanate as well as carry out the Nation’s income as well as we caring not who creates the laws”.

  7. opchidexio2 |

    Bankers. Bankers usually wish to loan income to those who will compensate it behind with the small interest. You have zero to fright from us. Um, what’s your credit score?

  8. ZZZZzzzzzz……..
    Ron Paul has been presaging an mercantile predicament given late 2007 – early 2008. How did he know?
    Uh, he was presaging it prolonged prior to afterwards as well as not since he’s a single of them though he is upon a inside as well as sees what they do. He is an Austrian economist, that’s how he knows, no large poser there.
    I’ll attend to Ron Paul appreciate you. :-)
    We have been not anarchists, you only wish a nation behind from a bankers.

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