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Angel Investors & VCs describe their Ideal Company

Posted by admin on May 24th, 2011 at 11:11 pm

This is a shave from a FundingPost Sedona, AZ early-stage VC & Angel Investor event, where a Investors report their Ideal Company.

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  2. has 3 winners per auction as well as all sells around 8% of a Retail Price. You can post your own auctions, it sells during 8% as well as we get paid 100%. If we do a math it functions out legitimately. Over 3 Million Human Visits.

  3. Don’t attend to these clowns. Investors wish to have income AT YOUR EXPENSE, period. If we have revenue, afterwards we do not need an financier – as well as we positively do not need to be paid for out. Investors wish upwards of 1000% return, banks wish 8%. Why would we take your income tide to an financier over the bank? Do we wish to chuck increase away?

    Operations liek Funding Post or predatory. They distinction from charity NOTHING.

  4. MrMaestroman1 |

    I contacted Funding Post for the decade. Each time we was told where to go (and it’s HOT down there!). They didn’t even suggest me of the mention to get my promote & releases funded, notwithstanding my knowledge lane record. The projects one after another to be ripped-off, given that’s the inlet of large commercial operation in the US.
    I disbelief Funding Post discusses or leads or helps anyone, with couple of exceptions. This video is the crock!

  5. spotter1943 |

    How most aged white guys does it take to screw in a light bulb?
    Answer: as well many, as well as once a tuber is in it doesn’t light up.

  6. Angel investors wish tall lapse with small or no risk.
    My suggestion, stay divided from them as well as get the statesman upon your side, they never lose.

  7. I’m looking Angel Investors to assistance me with my startup amicable network for fun people that can be found in my form upon the left. we already own the tip turn domain for my amicable network though I’m now regulating the subdomain.

  8. Angel appropriation is the lie. They do not know any some-more than the normal schmuck. They only have the bigger certitude fund.